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Open hearts, open minds. Learning together with God.

“I give you a new commandment: Love one another, as I have loved you.”
John 13:34

Religious Education

Carleton St Hilda’s School is a Church of England Primary School in the Blackburn Diocese. Religious Education is a core subject in our school. We follow the Questful RE Syllabus produced by the Blackburn Diocese Board of Education. The syllabus uses resources from the Understanding Christianity Resource Pack (RE Today Services) to explore core Christian concepts in some RE units taught.

Creative, multi-sensory approaches such as music, art and drama are used throughout the syllabus, enabling all children to flourish in their learning.
This RE Syllabus explicitly teaches Christian concepts and God’s big salvation story, told in the Bible. Every class uses “The Big Frieze” to support their understanding of the concepts, Creation, Fall, People of God, Incarnation, Gospel, Salvation, Kingdom of God, supporting their understanding of Christianity.

Throughout the syllabus the children are taught about major world faiths and discuss world views. The curriculum allows children to explore what people of faith believe and explore the impact of religion and world views on people’s lives, meeting people from different faith communities in school and through visits to different places of worship.

The Questful RE syllabus encourages everyone to explore fundamental questions such as: –

  • Who am I and what does it mean to be me?
  • In what ways do/can I relate to others?
  • How/where can I encounter God?
  • How can I make a positive contribution to the world in which I live?
  • What values, attitudes, beliefs and behaviour are important to me?
  • What does it mean to have faith?
  • Who/what influences and inspires me?

As a result, the children will discover more about themselves, their relationships with others, their relationship with the world around them and their relationship with God. RE helps children prepare for citizenship in today’s society, enabling them to develop sensitivity to and respect for others and develop the skills that will enable them to make sense of life’s experiences.

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